During the 2016 Course Innovation Grant program, I had the opportunity to work alongside two Physical Therapy faculty members. Specifically, on their course titled, "Physical Therapy Examination of the Musculoskeletal System." When I shared with family and friends what I was doing over the summer, their immediate reply was, "What do you know about Physical Therapy?!" The answer is absolutely nothing, but from an instructional design standpoint, my lack of PT knowledge makes no difference in the successful work that was achieved. Professor Rao and Professor Weaver came to the grant knowing they wanted to make some improvements to their course. They needed to shift course content around (by adding it the NYU Classes) in order to allow for more class time to practice and evaluate PT examinations. After working with Francesca, Senior Instructional Technologist at Steinhardt, we provided them with the format of week by week modules on NYU Classes breaking the content up into before, during, and after class activities. They learned to utilize NYU Classes and converted PowerPoints into NYU Google Slides, which they then filled up with all their PT content.

The biggest challenge for Professor Rao and Professor Weaver was the outdated technology they were using in the classroom to live stream up close PT examinations. The classroom presented the challenge of students being unable to see the examinations up close, so they broadcasted them on the screens in the room. They were stuck using an older video camera on a tripod, that needed to be controlled by a third person. Also, it did not provide the clinician's perspective of conducting an examination. We knew we had to brainstorm a new video setup in their classroom. After evaluating the current video setup in the classroom, the STS group went on a field trip to B&H photo. Beforehand, I created a specs sheet listing various suitable cameras and if it met all our needs. This was a fun introduction for me into the world of AV technology. Seeing all the video cameras up close at B&H photo helped finalize our decision to a wearable GoPro. This was my first experience using a GoPro, but it proved to be the most valuable solution. We provided Professor Rao and Professor Weaver with various wearable accessories, which would allow their students to really gain the clinician's perspective of an evaluation. Plus, it was exciting to see them shift from using a camera stationed on a tripod to wearing the camera on their heads!

Going through the Course Innovation Grant process was not only a new experience for Professor Rao and Professor Weaver, but for myself as well. As a Digital Media Design for Learning Master's Student at Steinhardt, I have the opportunity to study various learning and design principles. Through my coursework, I have the opportunity to work on design projects with my classmates, implementing various design elements I learned from my courses. The experience to be part of the Course Innovation Grant provided me with a real world scenario of instructional design. Being able to move through the analysis, development, and design phases of ADDIE for the Course Innovation Grant provided me with the knowledge of what it is like to go through this process with faculty. Not only did I gained valuable instructional design skills, but I was also able to learn more about utilizing NYU Classes and video technology.