Alumna Erin Heisel Sings in Tino Seghal Art Installation

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Alumna Erin Heisel Sings in Tino Seghal Art Installation

Since June 28, alumna Erin Heisel (PhD, 2013) has serenaded passersby at Manhattan's City Hall Park as one of the vocalists participating in "This You," a situational installation by Tino Seghal.

Heisel has the freedom to sing songs of her choosing to those walking by. "You focus on a person or a group of people and you sing a song that reflects back to them what they seem to be giving off," Heisel told The Daily News. "Their energy or a logo on a shirt, for instance."

In her interview with The Daily News Heisel described the variety of reactions she has encountered while performing in this open air art project. "Sometimes people will smile and take out an earbud. On the flip side, they'll ignore you, they'll think you're crazy, they'll roll their eyes and walk away."

"This You" is part of the Public Art Fund's larger exhibit entitled "The Language of Things,"  which consists of material and immaterial art in City Hall Park and is taking place through September 29.