Recently, the Technology Enhanced Education (TEE) initiative has paved the way for a more systematic approach on how we maintain and support classroom technology spaces, what we refer to as Learning Spaces.  This has led to dedicated staff and resources in Steinhardt Technology Services (STS) to support these spaces.  This developing team creates, supports, and maintains installed technology equipment in all Steinhardt learning spaces as well as provides scheduled and on demand training and demonstrations.

We have adopted the following process to increase reliability and use of these spaces:

Online Documentation

Information and resources available online here.

In Room Signage
  • Printed copies of the Room overview guide
  • Technology labels for easy identification
  • Help labels with our contact information
  • Room Instructions
  • Preventative maintenance includes testing all installed equipment for proper functionality, running updates and replacement wires and bulbs as needed
  • Help hotline (9am-5pm) by calling 212-992-4357



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