While the summer months are often a period of rest, relaxation and research around campus, Steinhardt Technology Services will be offering a different option. For the second consecutive year STS will lead a cohort of dynamic faculty through the Course Innovation Grant. The goal of the Course Innovation Grant program is to create a School-wide support system enabling faculty to develop high-quality, technology-enhanced undergraduate and graduate courses. To meet this goal, the program includes the following objectives:

  • create a professional development program that aligns technological enhancements with pedagogical strategies and techniques; 
  • create a ‘community of innovators’ to include faculty, academic technologists, and students; 
  • complete projects by the end of the 8 week period; 
  • identify and establish appropriate school-wide resources to support program needs.

The recipients for this years grant represent a various group of academic disciplines. Additionally, another noteworthy aspect of the incoming 2016 cohort is that the CIG will have impacted each department at Steinhardt over the last two summers.

Recipients are:

  • Smita Rao: Physical Therapy
  • Jessica Hamlin: Art and Art Professions
  • Frances Stage: Administration, Leadership and Technology
  • Darlene Monda: Communicative Science and Disorders
  • Beth McDonald: Teaching and Learning
  • Elisabeth King: Humanities & Social Sciences in the Professions

The Course Innovation Grant is an eight week professional development program to support technology-based enhancements for existing undergraduate and graduate courses. The program was piloted in summer 2015. Faculty whose proposals are accepted receive a stipend to work weekly with Steinhardt's academic technology team to develop high-fidelity solutions for content delivery, collaborative learning environments, evaluation and assessment, and physical classroom/learning environments.

The CIG model is premised on the view that to create a fully immersive and seamless learning experience with technology requires two parallel forms of support. The first form of support provides multiple resources - technical infrastructure, technical support, design specialists, platforms options - for course production and project management. The second form of support provides the faculty member and academic technologist with a framework to undertake an explicit analysis of pedagogical goals and strategies, with careful attention to curriculum design and an understanding of how various technologies change the learning experience, including the places of learning and the roles and responsibilities of instructors and students.

Steinhardt Technology Services also works with faculty throughout the academic school year to enhance courses. To find out more please email steinhardt.it@nyu.edu

By Francesca Socolick, read my other news articles