American Educational Research Association (AERA)

Research Associate Dr. Lisa Merrill will chair a session entitled “Mentoring in Schools: The Predictors and Products of High-Quality Relationships.” The session will highlight new work from the Research Alliance’s ongoing evaluation of the iMentor college ready program, as well as presentations by iMentor staff. Together with Jim Lauckhardt (iMentor’s director of research and evaluation), Dr. Merrill will present on “The Effect of iMentor Program Dosage on College Aspirations and Positive Relationships with Adults.” The session will take place from 8:15-9:45am on Saturday, April 9.

Research Director Dr. Cheri Fancsali will participate in a round table discussion about initiatives based in institutions of higher education that aim to develop students’ non-cognitive skills. The session draws on “Noncognitive Skill Development in Higher Education: A Landscape Analysis,” a paper Dr. Fancsali authored while working at Impaq International, along with Mandy Savitz-Romer (Harvard), Heather Rowan-Kenyon (Boston College), Maria DiFuccia (IMPAQ), and Michaela Gulemetova (IMPAQ). The roundtable will take place from 12-1:30pm on Friday, April 8. 

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South by Southwest Education Conference (SXSWedu)

Deputy Director Dr. Adriana Villavicencio will participate in the My Brother's Keeper Summit at the SXSWedu conference (March 9, Austin, TX). The summit, organized by Public Consulting Group, will highlight promising practices designed to support the physical, emotional, and social health of children of color. Dr. Villavicencio will offer expertise based on the Research Alliance's ongoing evaluation of NYC's Expanded Success Initiative. The Summit will take place on March 9 from 3-6pm.

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Society for Research on Educational Effectiveness Spring 2016 Conference

Executive Director Dr. James Kemple will serve as Chair of the upcoming SREE conference (March 2-5, Washington, D.C.), which focuses on the theme “Lost in Translation: Building Pathways from Knowledge to Action.” The meeting will highlight strategies that maximize the likelihood that policymakers, funders, and practitioners demand and use research by building paths in both directions between decision making and evidence building. 

At the conference, Research Alliance Communications Director Chelsea Farley, along with John Hutchins (Chief Communications Officer, MDRC) and Sarah Sparks (reporter, Education Week), will lead a workshop aimed at helping researchers communicate effectively with those who make and influence education policy. “From Journal Author to Policy Influencer: Strategies for Making Your Research Speak to Policymakers (and Those Who Influence Them)” will take place from 1-4pm on Wednesday, March 2.

The Research Alliance's new Research Director, Dr. Cheri Fancsali, will also present work she conducted at Impaq International as part of a session about the effects of professional development on educators' practice and a range of outcomes. The presentation, "Developing Content-Area Academic Literacy: A Randomized Control Trial of the Reading Apprenticeship Improving Secondary Education (RAISE) Project," will take place during a session from 9-11am on Thursday, March 3.

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University of Pennsylvania Ethnography in Education Forum

Sarah Klevan will participate in a session on restorative justice and other disciplinary practices in urban schools. Her presentation, “Zero Tolerance for Zero Tolerance: A School-based Ethnography of Restorative Justice Approaches to Discipline,” will take place on Friday, February 26 from 11:45am-1:00pm.

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