Steinhardt Technology Services won a Communication award at the SIGUCCS Annual Conference. The award was for Student Created Materials and focused on "Visual Service Design: Standardizing Service through Visual Identity" 

The purpose of this entry is to explore how critical the visual design of service offerings is to the overall user experience. Often within Higher Ed much emphasis is placed on the user experience in terms of the quality of their experience, however not much emphasis is placed on their way-finding practices to the correct service offering. This work was an attempt to provide easy to understand navigational pathway for our clients in order for them to understand our services more effectively and help to visually articulate the services our group offers. VIew here

Student Created Materials: Work created by students may be submitted in any of the above categories, however this category provides an opportunity to specifically recognize and reward the creativity and professionalism of our students. Any work created solely by students or student employees within your institutions that fits into categories 5a, 5b, 6a, and 6b may be submitted here and be judged against other student-created work.