As a global network, our collaboration needs extend beyond getting the right folks in the same room. It’s about getting the right folks to connect across time zones, states, and countries in order to work together seamlessly.

Technology can help achieve this goal efficiently and effectively.

NYU WebEx provides on-demand collaboration to help research and project teams, advisers and students, prospective students and admissions counselors, and many other groups to communicate and collaborate.

As NYU Steinhardt transitions towards this platform to support global and local collaboration, read below on how this can help you:

How can I collaborate in meeting spaces on campus?

Collaborate via video in one of our learning spaces! See a list of video conferencing locations at Steinhardt here.

How can I host classes and meetings online?

NYU WebEx (Web Meetings and Audio Conferencing) allows you to meet online or via audio in real-time anywhere, anytime, on any web-enabled device (laptop, desktops, tablets, smartphones, etc). See a list of WebEx features here.

How do I use WebEx?

NYU WebEx is available now! When you’re ready to start using it, email and we’ll help set up your account.