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NYU London Hosts MCC Media Activism Course

Nicholas Mirzoeff, Professor of Media, Culture and Communications will offer a new graduate-level study abroad course in London this January.  The Media Activism course will explore the use of visual activism in difficult times.  Participants from multiple disciplines will stay at the NYU London residence hall and use the city as a classroom by engaging with local activists and artists.  In addition to his position at NYU Steinhardt, Mirzoeff is a Visiting Professor of Visual Culture at Middlesex University in London.  Mirzoeff plans to use this affiliation to organize collaborative learning opportunities with student from both institutions.  


“We’ll visit key alternative archive spaces in London like May Day Rooms, the Stuart Hall Memorial Library and the Bishopsgate Institute Library. We’ll meet with artists and student activists to discuss how anti-racism and non-hierarchical learning are being thought and worked,” Mirzoeff explained.  When the group isn’t in archival stacks, they will be walking London streets to examine how gentrification is rewriting and overwriting the city’s stories and history.  Mirzoeff hopes that many students will be able to use the diversity of the program’s visits for original articles or thesis topics.