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NGOs in Hong Kong Put Students' Environmental Plans to Use

Students participating in the Urban Ecosystems study abroad course in Hong Kong last January completed group projects at field sites under the leadership of Dr. Raul Lejano, Associate Professor in the Department of Teaching and Learning. A diverse group of graduate students from multiple disciplines including Environmental Conservation, Food Studies, and International Education, designed environmental education plans and sustainability assessments in collaboration with local community members. The students generated exceptional work that was used to inform curriculum, land use in city parks, and the development of sustainable tourism in Hong Kong.

Lejano explained, “One group worked with a local school to create and pilot a mangrove/nature lesson for first graders. It is now being used in the curriculum for the Hong Kong Academy K-12 School. Another group worked with local environmentalists to create a nature tour to introduce visitors to Hoi Ha, a unique coastal marsh and mangrove area. Their site plan has been recommended to the conservation and parks department for formal consideration.”

Dr. Lejano will travel to Hong Kong with students again this January. The group will continue to study and practice sustainable city design in collaboration with graduate students from The Chinese University of Hong Kong. The course is open to graduate students, and upper-level undergraduates, from various disciplines who are interested in environmental education and urban planning.

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