Web Publishing, a resource offered to the NYU community, essentially offers ready-made Wordpress themes for blogging and website creation. Steinhardt Technology Services has been working closely with the Web Publishing team at the NYU Digital Studio to address the specific needs of the Steinhardt Community.

As a result of this collaboration, Steinhardt can now customize ready-made themes and website templates according to Steinhardt-specific needs and requests. For example, in Fall 2015 semester, the School Counseling Program within the Applied Psychology Department requested NYU branded Wordpress themes for their student portfolios. Each portfolio was required to include several pages designated to showcase the mastery of core competencies. As a result, STS and the Web Publishing team was able to create a unique theme for their specific need and functionality requests. Students only needed to select that theme upon registering their site domain, and enter their individual content within the correct pages of the portfolio. 

 Steinhardt Technology Services will continue to actively produce specifically designed themes and templates for the Steinhardt community. These themes can range from creating a successful portfolio structure to an optimally designed Course site. For additional information about Web Publishing, click here. To request specific Web Publishing themes for your class or organization, please contact steinhardt.it@nyu.edu.