Video: Executive Director James Kemple Discussing Contexts that Support Effective Teaching

What role do schools and districts play in creating contexts that support effective teaching?

Video is now available from a lively discussion of this topic hosted by the CUNY Institute for Education Policy. The panel discussion featured:

  • Dr. Rick Hess, Director of Education Policy Studies at the American Enterprise Institute, who provided an overview of his new book, The Cage Busting Teacher
  • Dr. James Kemple, Executive Director of the Research Alliance, who shared insights from our growing body of work about school contexts that support effective teaching; and 
  • Danielle Salzberg, Principal of Frank McCourt High School, who responded to both presentations with a practitioner’s perspective.

The conversation was moderated by David Steiner, Director of CIEP and Dean of the Hunter College School of Education. 

Dr. Kemple’s contribution was based on themes that have emerged across multiple Research Alliance studies about the schoolwide conditions and capacities that enable teachers to do their best work. Read more about these “keys to success,” which include strong leadership, collaboration, and personalization, in our studies of small high schoolsturnaround middle schools, and teacher turnover.