Faculty Compilation is WQXR's Album of the Week

The release of MCC Associate Professor Martin Scherzinger's latest work, African Math, has garnered high praise from music critics. WQXR—the largest classical music station in the U.S.—recently selected African Math as its Album of the Week. Calling the album "an especially enlightened take on the traditional music of Africa," the radio station praises the execution of Scherzinger's project of adapting European instruments to the tactile patterns and fractal harmonies of African sound.

Textura also endorses the album, writing that "Certainly no one would appear to be more qualified to take on a project of this kind than Martin Scherzinger, a South African-born composer and specialist in African music. What makes his African Math so fascinating is that it flips the script, so to speak, with respect to how the playing of African-influenced music is handled."

In a blog post for Second Inversion, associated with KING FM in Seattle, Scherzinger explains how this undertaking developed from a desire to couple the sound colors of classic western instrumentation with the performance techniques of African instruments.

On sabbatical this year in South Africa and Zimbabwe, Scherzinger is conducting research on the dialectics of intellectual property in a global frame. He is also doing work in and around Mapungubwe, an ancient African city dating back to the 11th and 12th centuries, where mbira music seems to have begun.