Two New Publications by Rodney Benson and Tim Wood

MCC Associate Professor Rodney Benson and doctoral student Tim Wood have authored two new research studies.

Their article Who Says What or Nothing at All? Speakers, Frames, and Frameless Quotes in Unauthorized Immigration News in the United States, Norway, and France for the most recent American Behavioral Scientist forms part of a themed special issue concerning the portrayal of immigration in western media. It is the result of their collaboration in a three-year international research project sponsored by the Norwegian Research Council.

As the authors explain it, their analysis "examines which ideas and actors are most common in immigration news; moreover, it builds on this foundation to explore the ways journalism shapes the very contours of public debate. Are some sources typecast in the news, always offering similar frames? Do sources simply reiterate their own talking points, or do they engage with the arguments of opponents? Understanding how the answers to these questions differ across nations and media types is a step toward an empirically grounded account of how news texts are influenced by the structural and narrative demands of journalism."

In an invited article for Oxford Bibliographies Sociology, Benson and Wood provide a comprehensive critical overview of theorizing and research about mass media, ranging from the earliest studies of media influence to contemporary analyses of networks, social media, popular culture, and globalization.