New Work at Upcoming Conferences

Our research team will be participating in several national conferences this spring. See below for details about presentations in February and March:

Eastern Sociological Society (New York, February 26-28)

  • Pushing Beyond Zero: Issues in Zero Tolerance School Discipline and Positive Discipline Alternatives

Research Analyst Sarah Klevan will preside over a roundtable discussion about school discipline, including research on variations in discipline policies acrossschools and districts, as well as the way different practices affect individuals’ perceptions of authority and trust within schools.

As part of the panel, IES-PIRT fellow Christine Baker-Smith will present “Schools or Students? An Analysis of High School Effects on Student Suspensions,” which investigates whether student suspensions are driven by individual student characteristics or the contexts of the schools they are in.

The discussion will take place on February 28 from 10:15-11:45 am.

Association for Education Finance and Policy (Washington, D.C., February 26-28)

  • Christine Baker-Smith’s study, “Schools or Students?” will be part of a poster session on February 27 from 4:30-6:15 pm.

Society for Research on Educational Effectiveness (Washington, D.C., March 5-7)

  • Effects of Mentoring on At-Risk High School Students: A Cross-Study Analysis on the Implementation and Impacts of Three Prominent Mentoring Models

Research Associate Lisa Merrill will present early findings from the Research Alliance’s evaluation of the iMentor College Ready Program at a symposium examining three different mentoring models—iMentor, Check & Connect, and Big Brothers Big Sisters of America—which have undergone or are currently undergoing rigorous evaluation. The symposium will discuss the programs’ different models, particularly how they seek to improve students’ non-cognitive and behavioral outcomes as a path toward longer-term gains in learning and achievement, as well as any program effects that have been identified to date.

The symposium will take place from 1-3 pm on Friday, March 6.

  • Understanding the Effects of Education Policies: New Evidence on the Effects of Educational Accountability Practices

Executive Director James Kemple will present “Performance-Based High School Closures: Impacts on Student Mobility, Attendance, and Performance,” a new study about the effects of high school closure in New York City from 2002-2008. Dr. Kemple will preview findings about the impacts of school closures on students who were enrolled in closing schools during the phase out process and students who might have attended those schools but were forced to enroll elsewhere; he will also examine changes seen during the same period in other low-performing schools that were not identified for closure.

The panel, which will be chaired by Elaine Allensworth, director of the University of Chicago Consortium on Chicago School Research, will take place from 1-3pm on Friday, March 6.

  • Social and Emotional Interventions in Educational Settings: Exploring the Intended and Unintended Effects of Educational Policies on Student Behavior

Christine Baker-Smith will present “Schools or Students?” (described above). The panel will take place from 9:00-10:30 am on Friday, March 6.

Intersections: Sexuality, Gender, Race, and Ethnicity Symposium (Baltimore, MD, March 7)

  • Masculinity Expressed and Constrained by Brotherhood

Postdoctoral Associate Tony Laing will present his findings about the ways in which 12 young Black men at a single-gender high school construct and perceive their identities. Dr. Laing’s study focuses on how race, gender, and sexual orientation intersect in the context of this all-male, majority-Black school.

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