“Using Career Academies to Help Disadvantaged Students”: An Interview with James Kemple

In a new interview with Andy Feldman, Dr. James Kemple discusses the promising evidence behind Career Academies, an intervention designed to keep disadvantaged students engaged in high school and prepared for college and careers.

Dr. Kemple was the Principal Investigator of a 15-year evaluation of Career Academies while serving as the Director of MDRC’s K-12 Education Policy Area. The Career Academies evaluation is notable for its rigor (a randomized control trial design, widely considered to be the “gold standard”), as well as its impressive results: The program was found to have a significant impact on students’ post-high school earnings, without discouraging post-secondary education. The effects were strongest for young men of color.

Hear Dr. Kemple’s interview with Andy Feldman on the GovInnovator blog.