NYU Center for Multicultural Education & Programs (December 5; New York, NY)

"Demographic Change and Immigrant Families"

Adriana Villavicencio will participate in a panel focused on what it means for a community to experience demographic shifts resulting from immigration, and share practical ways for schools and communities to anticipate and/or respond to demographic change, as well as how to build relationships with immigrant families. More information here.

University Council for Educational Administration Conference (November 20-23; San Diego, California)

"Culturally Relevant Education for School Leaders: Changing Attitudes and Approaches Toward Black and Latino Young Men"

Adriana Villavicencio will present a paper examining the role that CRE has played in a group of 40 high schools that are implementing an initiative aimed at improving outcomes for Black and Latino young men. In particular, she will describe how CRE is changing school leaders’ attitudes and schoolwide approaches to working with young men of color.

"Mujeres Guerreras/Warrior Women: Latina Scholars Talk Life, Balance, and Leadership"

Adriana Villavicencio will participate in a conversation aimed at creating a space for Latina scholars to share experiences and develop a professional network.

Association for Public Policy Analysis and Management(November 12-14; Miami, Florida)

“Do Indicators of College Readiness Work for All Students?”

Vanessa Coca and Kristin Black shared work from their ongoing investigation of various commonly used indicators of college readiness, and efforts to identify more effective measures.

The session also featured presentations from our partners at the NYC Department of Education and the City University of New York. Charmaine Lester (NYC DOE) presented “Understanding College Enrollment Trends in New York City by Neighborhood,” and Kerstin Gentsch, Sarah Truelsch, and Andrew Wallace (CUNY) presented “Could a Top-10 Percent Plan Work in NYC?”