Bridging Education Research and Practice: Recent Activities

The Research Alliance is always striving to connect our research to education practice in NYC. Here are some of the recent ways our staff has worked with teachers and students around the City:

IES-PIRT fellow Christine Baker-Smith has continued her long-running relationship with W!SE, a program that invites NYC high school students to develop their own research projects aimed at quality of life issues in their community. In December, she led a teacher workshop to help educators guide their students toward appropriate research methods and data collection techniques, while also considering questions of research ethics and data availability. In January, she led a workshop for students about selecting the right research design for a particular research question.

Research Associate Adriana Villavicencio is helping prepare the next generation of NYC educators, teaching a class for students in NYU’s English Education MA program on Curriculum and Research in Literacy and Language Arts. The course helps prepare future teachers to incorporate research into their curriculum and instructional practice. 

In addition, earlier this month, Dr. Villavicencio moderated “Promising Directions in Career Technical Education: Latest Research from the Field” at a CTE summit co-hosted by the NYC DOE, US DOE, and the United Federation of Teachers. The panel was part of a professional development day for administrators, program coordinators, and teachers at CTE programs in NYC. During the panel, a group of researchers shared their latest findings and discussed important research questions that remain unanswered.

Posted 2/10/14