Applied Psychology Fellowship and Scholarship Winners

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Applied Psychology Fellowship and Scholarship Winners

Congratulations to all the winners of our Fall 2014 fellowship and scholarships!  

The Awards Committee would like to thank all students who submitted applications and referees for writing such thoughtful recommendations. The winners are listed below. For a more detail please visit our fellowships/scholarships page

The Monroe Stein Memorial Fellowship

  • Nia Gordon (PhD-PSI)
  • Ayanna James (MA-CMHW)

The Adrian Levy Scholarship

  • Damien DuPont (MA-CMHW)
  • Veena Nobbay (MA-CMHW)

Gilbert M. Trachman Fellowship Fund

  • Ruth Cosme (MA-CNGU)
  • Samantha Silor (MA-CMHW)

Felix M. Warburg Memorial Award 

  • Jia Gao (Undergraduate) 
  • Christopher Stults (PhD-CNPS) 
  • Caroline Turner (MA-CNGU)

The Bernard R. Ackerman Scholarship

  • Roxane Caires (MA-HDSI)
  • Justina Grayman (PhD-PSI)
  • Jessica Harding (PhD-PSI)
  • Alicia Wang (MA-HDSI)

The Raymond A. Weiss Endowment Scholarship 

  • Natalie Levy (MA-HDSI
  • Ashlie Pankonin (Undergraduate)
  • Ashley Turbeville (PhD-CNPS)

The Philip J. Zlatchin Memorial Award

  • Caitlyn Corradino (Undergraduate)
  • Glenda Munoz ((MA-CMHW)
  • Yeshim Iqbal (PhD-PSI)