MARL Researchers Win Presentation Awards at ISMIR 2014

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MARL Researchers Win Presentation Awards at ISMIR 2014

Brian McFee, a Data Science Fellow at the NYU Music and Audio Research Laboratory (MARL) and the Center for Data Science, has won the Best Oral Presentation award at the Conference of the International Society for Music Information Retrieval (ISMIR-14) in Taipei, Taiwan.

McFee’s paper, “Analyzing Song Structure with Spectral Clustering,” was co-authored with Dan Ellis of Columbia University.

In addition, McFee and MARL members Eric Humphrey, Justin Salamon, and Uri Nieto, were part of the joint Columbia/NYU team that won the Best Poster Presentation award for their work on "MIR_EVAL: A Transparent Implementation of Common MIR Metrics." MARL is under the auspices of the NYU Steinhardt Program in Music Technology.

This year was MARL's strongest showing at the ISMIR conference, with six papers presented involving several members of the group. ISMIR is one of the most influential publications and conferences in the field of Music and Musicology.