Music Business Professors in the News

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Music Business Professors in the News

Larry Miller

  • The New York Times asked Miller for his thoughts on discord in the music industry resulting from artist exclusives with digital music services.
  • Miller was on Marketplace to talk about the financing of longform music videos and the relationship of that financing to exclusive deals with digital music services.
  • Miller discussed the entry of the French music streaming service Deezer on Marketplace.
  • KCBS/San Francisco interviewed Miller about the Ticketmaster class action settlement.
  • Miller spoke with KCBS/San Francisco talking about Desert Trip music festival ticket pricing. Listen here.
  • Marketplace spoke with Miller about windowing album releases and winning the so-called streaming war.
  • Miller was interviewed by The Financial Times about the future of Tidal music streaming service.
  • The Wall Street Journal spoke with Miller about ticket pricing for Goldenvoice, the so-called "Boomer Coachella."
  • Professor Miller discussed Beyoncé's windowed release strategy for Lemonade with the LA Times.
  • The Wall Street Journal spoke with Miller about Guns N'Roses reuniting.
  • Miller commented in The LA Times about Sony's acquisition of the Sony/ATV Music Publishing stake held by the Michael Jackson estate.
  • TIME Magazine interviewed Miller about Kanye West's distribution strategy with Tidal.
  • Wired asked Professor Miller about his take on YouTube's new music app.
  • Miller commented on music executive Lyor Cohen for a Bloomberg feature.
  • Professor Miller spoke with CBS This Morning about Apple agreeing to pay musicians. The video is available here.
  • Miller was interviewed by the LA Times about the possible Apple-Beats deal.
  • Professors Moore and Miller were interviewed by Time about Apple's potential purchase of Beats.
  • NPR Marketplace interviewed Professor Miller about Michael Jackson estate's billion dollar year.
  • Swiss Radio 3 interviewed Professor Miller on YouTube as the new hitmaker. The recording is mostly in German but his segment starts at 20:15.
  • Miller spoke with Time's Victor Luckerson about the launch of Beats Music and bundling deal with AT&T.
  • Time interviewed Miller for an article on digital music services and the music industry.
  • The November/ December 2013 issue of Licensing Journal features Miller's article, "Metadata: How to Develop the Foundation for the Music Business of Tomorrow."
  • Professor Miller shared his thoughts in BusinessWeek on Live Nation's acquisition of Madonna's and U2's management companies.
  • Professor Larry Miller spoke with National Public Radio's Marketplace Morning Report about Sean "Diddy" Combs' new television channel, Revolt TV. Read more here.

Carlos Chirinos

Sam Howard-Spink

  • Mic interviewed Dr. Howard-Spink about brand placement in the music industry.
  • Professor Howard-Spink was interviewed by O Globo newspaper in Brazil.
  • Professor Howard-Spink commented on the financial benefit stars receive playing the Super Bowl halftime show in The Atlantic.
  • Digiday interviewed Professor Howard-Spink as a music industry expert for a piece on the Super Bowl halftime show.

Catherine Moore

  • The Globe and Mail interviewed Dr. Moore about music festivals using RFID bracelets to improve the fan experience, and make the festivals cashless, and about the level of fans' tolerance for on-site and after-festival brand marketing.
  • Brazil's Epoca magazine spoke with Dr. Moore regarding album release strategies and artists working to differentiate in the digital marketplace. (in Portuguese)
  • Dr. Moore commented on digital strategy for musicians in Protein.
  • Dr. Moore shared her thoughts on streaming services and algorithms in The Ringer.
  • Montreal's La Presse interviewed Dr. Moore about the market saturation of music festivals. (in French)
  • The KPCC radio station in Los Angeles spoke with Dr. Moore about the growing trend of unconventional album releases.
  • Dr. Moore was quoted in the New York Times in an article about the effects that iTunes has had on album release strategies.
  • In The Globe and Mail, Dr. Moore commented on a music industry report about growth in streaming services.                    
  • The Toronto Star spoke with Dr. Moore for a story about young people and vinyl.
  • Dr. Moore was interviewed by TIME Magazine about the future of the album format.
  • The Globe and Mail quoted Dr. Moore in an article about The Beatles adding their music to streaming services.
  • CNBC interviewed Dr. Moore for an article about the impact on revunue collection of a YouTube deal with Kobalt.
  • The Globe and Mail interviewed Dr. Moore about Apple Music and consumers' engagement with music as a service.
  • Dr. Moore spoke with The Atlantic about the shut-down of Groovshark digital music service.
  • CNBC quoted Dr. Moore in a piece about investors in Kobalt music publishing.
  • The Business News Network interviewed Professor Moore about Google's acquisition of Songza.
  • Dr. Moore discussed YouTube's controversial new music subscription service in The Chistian Science Monitor.
  • The Atlantic spoke with Professor Moore about Wu-Tang Clan's offer of only one copy of their upcoming album to the highest bidder.
  • Professors Moore and Miller were interviewed by Time about Apple's potential purchase of Beats.
  • Columbia Spectator quoted Dr. Moore as well as Music Business alumna Kathy Iandoli in an article about music videos.
  • Dr. Moore spoke with The New York Daily News about Record Store Day.
  • Japan's Asahi Shimbun quoted Dr. Moore in an article about the future of the piano business, and what the value is for a brand like Steinway.
  • Time quotes Dr. Moore in "YouTube Music Awards Show Growing Pains in Site’s Plan to Take Over Music."
  • Bloomberg TV interviewed Dr. Moor about Pandora and internet radio.
  • Dr. Moore shared her thoughts on the music streaming service Spotify in the Time article, "Radiohead’s Thom Yorke Leaves Spotify. Will Others Follow?"
  • "Jay Z and the Mainstreaming of the ‘Album App,’" in Time, quotes Dr. Moore on the future of the music app.
  • In the Wall Street Journal's, "Steinway Considers a Global Future After Sale," Dr. Moore discusses the selling of the Steinway & Sons piano company to a private equity firm.