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Alumni Konstantinos Papazoglou wins Vanier Canada Graduate Scholarship

Although Konstantinos Papazoglou has only been with U of Toronto Mississauga’s Department of Psychology for one semester his graduate studies have started off with a bang. Very fitting for an ex-cop turned academic, now working with several police organizations to investigate the impact of trauma on the physical and mental health.

Just a few months after starting his PhD program at U of T this year, Konstantinos was awarded a prestigious Vanier Canada Graduate Scholarship through the Canadian Institutes of Health Research (CIHR). His proposal, “Promoting Resilience among First Responders: Culturally Sensitive Intervention Strategies for Positive Health,” is under the guidance of UTM Professor Judith P. Andersen. Prof. Andersen’s research examines the impact of adverse experiences on health and interventions by which to improve health and resilience to stress.