The Right to Look from the South

MCC Professor Nicholas Mirzoeff recently visited several South African institutions, where he led a series of conversations related to his theories on visual culture and countervisuality that are advanced in his latest book The Right to Look.
On May 31, Mirzoeff presented his work as a guest of the Research Centre, Visual Identities in Art and Design at the University of Johannesburg. Mirzoeff spent the previous ten days in residence at the University of Pretoria as a guest of the Visual Culture Studies Division, Department of Visual Arts. During this time he facilitated a two-day colloquium entitled The Right to Look from the South.
In between these two visits, Mirzoeff delivered a public lecture at the University of Cape Town’s Gordon Institute for Performing and Creative Arts on the legacy of Du Bois' Black Reconstruction, connecting Du Bois’ efforts to current global social movements which are similarly calling for more just social structures.
Read Mirzoeff's Dispatch from Soweto: The Artrising and the Uprising here.