PhD Student Discusses Her Research on The Brian Lehrer Show

In a WNYC segment entitled After Sandy: The Seminar, MCC graduate student Liz Koslov and Professor Eric Klinnenberg shared insights with Brian Lehrer about rebuilding New York in the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy.

Klinnenberg, who is the Director of the NYU Institute for Public Knowledge, has led a campus effort to convene faculty, students, and policy makers, devising responses to strengthen the city's resilience that thinks beyond mere infrastructure improvements. The NYU Sociologist has argued that investing in community networks and healthy social environments will be a critical way to defend against future disaster. "Our capacity to communicate with each other will determine our outcome. Those things don't just spring up when there is a crisis. They are rooted in the way in which we live every day," suggested Klinnenberg.

Koslov has been researching how residents along the waterfront articulate a new sense of shared vulnerability. Hundreds of local homeowners have opted to retreat from the shore with a government buyout initiative, but they are largely against plans that would encourage developers to commercialize the vacated land, she explained