Special Vacation Carryover Notice

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Special Vacation Carryover Notice

The Special Carryover vacation time was created three years ago during the transition to myTime. As previously noted, Special Carryover will be eliminated on August 31, 2013.

Check myTime's 'Time off Balance' tab to determine if and how you will be impacted.Figure 1: Special Carryover Balance

Here's what is happening in the example above:

a) On August 31st, 87.50 hours will debited from "Vacation - Special Carryover," bringing that balance to zero. If your Initial Balance is zero, you will not be impacted by this policy.

b) Those 87.50 hours will be credited to regular vacation, which together with the 14.58 hours of regular vacation accrual, will result in a credit of 102.08 hours for August.

c) Assuming no vacation is taken between now and August 31st, this person will lose 168.00 -- which will be debited in order to bring the vacation balance down to the maximum allowable carryover limit of 91.00 hours. (For a detailed breakdown, click 'Show Details.')

See the Notice Regarding Time Off Balances for more information on the rules regarding vacation carryover.


Roger Ho
Director, Human Resources