New Book by Arjun Appadurai

Appadurai, who is the Paulette Goddard Professor of Media, Culture, and Communication, has published a new essay collection entitled The Future as Cultural Fact: Essays on the Global Condition. A sequel to Modernity at Large and Fear of Small Numbers, the work takes a broad analytical look at the genealogies of the present era of globalization through essays on violence, commodification, nationalism, terror and materiality.

Alongside a discussion of these wider debates, Appadurai situates India at the heart of his writing, and examines the struggles of urban Mumbai slum dwellers. Finally, in his work on design, planning, finance and poverty, Appadurai embraces the “politics of hope” and lays the foundations for a revitalized, and urgent, anthropology of the future.

Appadurai has just returned from a lecture tour in India and Sri Lanka. He gave keynote lectures and participated in academic conferences in 10 cities in both countries, including Delhi, Mumbai and Colombo, and was interviewed by various newspapers and TV channels during his stay. While there he also continued his research work in and on Mumbai.

To join the author for his February 19 book launch, please register here. Professors Suketu Mehta and Sheldon Pollock will be offering comments on the book and Professor Caitlin Zaloom will moderate a discussion.