Haley Mellin Wins Outstanding Teaching Award

Mellin, who successfully defended her PhD this year, is recognized for her consummate teaching in the department of Media, Culture, and Communication. As a doctoral candidate, she worked with Professor Nicholas Mirzoeff, writing a thesis on post-internet contemporary art, the digital aura, and issues of the experience and presence in the digital age.

Students enrolled in both Mellin's Photography & the Visual Archive and her Global Visual Culture courses submitted effusive reviews attesting to her talent in the classroom. "Haley's strength is her ability to relate to students and her ability to speak accurately, concisely, and provocatively in a way that makes difficult and complex thoughts and ideas easily accessible," wrote one student. "Haley is absolutely brilliant. She is contemplative, creative, insightful and open-minded," asserted another. Mellin is "engaging, intelligent beyond belief, clear and very encouraging…Haley is amazing! She changed my life…what a great find for NYU!," wrote a third.

Several students noted Mellin's intellectual "energy," which sparked in-depth discussions and critical investigations into the material.