McIlwain on Delivering an Influential Message

Charlton McIlwain, associate professor of Media, Culture, and Communication, writes that Martin Luther King Jr.'s speeches can be used as a guide to effectively package and deliver an influential message. The article titled "How to Speak Like MLK Jr." was published online on Big Think, a global forum. In the article, McIlwain outlines three key principles of messaging:

  • Don't just speak, make music;
  • Be the master of your own face;
  • Travel with an entourage.

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A note about the author: McIlwain is a researcher, writer and teacher. His primary interests focus broadly on issues of race and media within the social and political arena. He (with Dr. Stephen Maynard Caliendo) co-authored/edited two books: Race Appeal: How Candidates Invoke Race in U.S. Elections (Temple University Press, 2011) and The Routledge Companion to Race & Ethnicity (Routledge, November, 2010).