2009 Frieda J. Behlen Scholarship Award Recipients Announced

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2009 Frieda J. Behlen Scholarship Award Recipients Announced

The NYU Steinhardt Department of Occupational Therapy is pleased to announce the 2009 Frieda J. Behlen Occupational Therapy scholarship recipients - Susan Braham, Janelle Carbo, and Razia Khan.  These three outstanding students have each been selected to receive a $3,000 tuition award for the summer 2009 semester.

Susan Braham undertook a professional transformation to occupational therapy after pursuing careers in dance performance, choreography, massage therapy and yoga therapy. Building on her varied experience, she hopes to continue to expand her holistic perspective on helping others during her graduate work at NYU. Her motivation in the field of OT is grounded in the desire to empower people, and to help them help themselves. Susan has particular interest in hand and upper extremity work as well as in pain management, end of life issues, and hospice care.

Janelle Carbo began the OT program at NYU determined to become a hand therapist. Although she continues to pursue that goal, she has adopted a new perspective that is less focused on a person's hands and more concerned with the person as a whole.  Indeed, her interests in occupational therapy are varied, and she approaches the transition from student to practitioner with the desire to be client-centered while striving to become the best professional that she can be.

Razia Khan recently participated in the Disability in a Global Context course in Ghana which has inspired her to set her sights on a series of new goals. Previously committed to becoming a school-based therapist in the US, she is now interested in practicing abroad and creating programs for occupational therapy education in developing countries. Razia aspires to make a contribution to global awareness, and to help people who have limited access to the services that we take for granted in the US.

The Frieda J. Behlen Occupational Therapy Scholarship is an endowed fund created principally by gifts from NYU OT alumni to honor the memory of Frieda J. Behlen, founder and longtime chair of NYU's Department of Occupational Therapy.  The award takes the form of a tuition credit applied toward summer courses because summer student financial aid is generally not available.