Educational Communication and Technology

Department of Administration, Leadership and Technology

Announcing a New Faculty Member

We extend a hearty welcome to ECT's new full-time faculty member, Christopher Hoadley, appointed last year and joining us this fall.

Associate Professor Chris Hoadley comes to NYU from Pennsylvania State University, where he held a joint appointment in the College of Education's Program in Instructional Systems and the College of Information Sciences and Technology. He did his doctoral work at the University of California at Berkeley in the Interdepartmental Graduate Group in Science and Mathematics Education (SESAME), where he studied with Marcia Linn and Andrea deSessa. He earned his M.S. in computer science, also at UC-Berkeley, and his S.B. in cognitive science at M.I.T. While completing his doctoral work, Dr. Hoadley co-founded the International Society of the Learning Sciences (ICLS), which he has served as President, member of the Board of Directors, and chair of numerous committees.

For the past decade, Dr. Hoadley, working at the intersection of science, engineering, and technology education, has studied how the design of technologies can lead to individual and collaborative learning. His research has impacted the design of technology that supports cognition and enables learning, especially collaborative learning, an area in which he has been very active as a member of the Computer Supported Collaborative Learning (CSCL). With expertise in quantitative and qualitative research traditions, as well as the design of technology-based learning environments, Dr. Hoadley has also made major contributions to the development of design-based research methods and research-based design methods.

For more information, visit Dr. Christopher Hoadley's faculty bio page.