Benson to serve as Keynote at University of Oslo "Migration in the Mass Media" Conference

On November 17, at the Yale Sociology Department's Comparative Research Workshop, Rodney Benson, Director of Graduate Studies for the NYU Steinhardt Department of Media, Culture, and Communication, gave an invited talk entitled, "Does field theory help explain omnibus media cultural production? A comparison of French and U.S. television news framing of immigration."

Benson also recently participated in the French-American Foundation’s conference on “Covering Immigration,” held in Paris from Nov. 13-15, and on December 3, he will be a keynote speaker at the University of Oslo’s international conference on on "Migration in the mass media."

Professor Benson's just published work this fall includes "Shaping the Public Sphere: Habermas and Beyond," an article in a special issue of The American Sociologist devoted to the sociology of media and communications, with contributions also from Elihu Katz (University of Pennsylvania) and Ronald Jacobs (SUNY-Albany); and "What Makes News More Multiperspectival? A Field Analysis," an article in the journal Poetics.