Marion Nestle to Participate in Alumni Regional Events

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Marion Nestle to Participate in Alumni Regional Events

Marion NestleHow does a California-bred molecular biologist find herself teaching Nutrition in New York City? Just ask Marion Nestle, NYU Steinhardt's Paulette Goddard Professor of Nutrition, Food Studies, and Public Health. After teaching molecular biology for some time at Brandeis University, Nestle was offered a nutrition course in addition to her other courses. She thoroughly enjoyed the material, returned to California, and the rest is history.

In 1998, Nestle joined NYU as the chair of what is now the Department of Nutrition, Food Studies, and Public Health at Steinhardt, a position which she held for fifteen years. When her books, including Food Politics and Safe Food began to generate buzz among such media-mainstays as the Wall Street Journal, Fortune, and Business Week, Nestle stepped down as chair to allow for more research and for writing What to Eat.

Nestle's most recent book, Pet Food Politics: the Chihuahua in the Coal Mine, has garnered praise from academics, policy makers, nutritionists and pet enthusiasts alike. The book offers a detailed account of the 2007 pet food and consumer product recall-one of the largest of its kind in our nation's history. Because the same contaminant-melamine-was involved, its discussion of this incident predicted the current scandal over melamine-contaminated infant formula and foods in China and exposes some of the gaps in today's food safety systems.

Nestle's passion for bringing knowledge to consumers around the world has prompted her to create an informative and interactive blog, What to Eat. The blog boasts frequent musings and discussions on the latest issues in nutrition today. To learn more, please visit

Additionally, Nestle was featured on the October 13 episode of the CBS Early Show.  An outline of the segment, which described some of the problems present in mass-produced pet food today, is available on the CBS wesbite.

In a special event for the Steinhardt community in Westchester and Fairfield counties, Nestle will travel to the home of alumni Bill and Annette Fraad for a reception and presentation on her work. For more information on the event, please click here. In addition, Nestle will address all NYU alumni in late February in Los Angeles, CA. Details on the West Coast event are forthcoming, so please stay tuned!