Steinhardt, FAS Awarded Grant from NSF to Fund NYU Noyce Scholarship Program

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Steinhardt, FAS Awarded Grant from NSF to Fund NYU Noyce Scholarship Program

The National Science Foundation (NSF) has awarded NYU a grant in the amount of $749,596 for the creation of the NYU Noyce Scholarship Program. The program, a joint collaboration between Steinhardt and FAS, will prepare 26 new math or science teachers for high-needs secondary schools over the course of four years. Available to undergraduate students in a STEM major with an interest in teaching careers, the program will provide 100% funding for a 5th year M.A. in science or math education through Steinhardt's Department of Teaching and Learning. The program is named after Robert Noyce, a co-founder of Intel Corporation who was concerned with the narrow pipeline of STEM majors entering the teaching professions.

The project builds on efforts by the Steinhardt School and the Faculty of Arts and Science to make teacher education at NYU a joint enterprise and to ensure that prospective teachers have strong content knowledge.

The principal investigator of the scholarship program is David Scicchitano, professor of biology. Co-princial investigators are Jalal Shatah, professor of mathematics; Karen D. King, associate professor of mathematics education; Pamela Fraser-Abder, associate professor of science education; and Joseph P. McDonald, professor of teaching and learning.

More information on the scholarship program, and application procedures, will become available in early fall.