NYU PT Job Board Launched!

Big news! We have officially launched the job site portion of our website! To access the job list, please click on "Resources" located at the bottom left of our homepage and then click "Job Site."

You may freely add job postings. We will check the site daily to see if any postings need validation. Please note that only jobs submitted by NYU PT alumni, faculty, guest lecturers, and affiliated facilities will be validated. If you are a facility not yet associated with the NYU PT Dept and would like to become part of our growing clinical education family, please contact Marie McLaughlin at 212-998-9413 or marie.mclaughlin@nyu.edu Listings will remain posted for 30 days after which you can either re-post or e-mail us at lij9100@nyu.edu to revalidate the original listing.

Thank you to everyone who has already submitted a job listing and thank you in advance to all those who plan to do so in the future!

We hope you will find the NYU PT Job Board helpful and productive and a means to expand the NYU PT community.