Marion Nestle Named Paulette Goddard Professor <br><i>Awarded APHA Award; Wins Steinhardt's Griffiths Research Award</i>

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Marion Nestle Named Paulette Goddard Professor
Awarded APHA Award; Wins Steinhardt's Griffiths Research Award

Marion Nestle has been named Paulette Goddard Professor in Nutrition, Food Studies and Public Health. The endowed professorship is part of a major bequest from the estate of the noted film actress, Paulette Goddard.

Nestle, who served as department chair from 1988-2003, is the author of Food Politics: How the Food Industry Influences Nutrition and Health (2002) and Safe Food: Bacteria, Biotechnology, and Bioterrorism (2003), both from University of California Press. She has served as senior nutrition policy adviser in the Department of Health and Human Services and as a member of the FDA Food Advisory Committee and Science Board. She was recently awarded the American Public Health Association’s David P. Rall Award for Advocacy in Public Health for her work to shed light on the impact food and nutrition policies have on the nation’s health.

Last semester, Nestle won the School’s 2004 Griffiths Research Award. In making the award, Committee Chair Jonathan Zimmerman praised Nestle’s scholarship for its advocacy and historical perspective. “Marion Nestle’s careful critique of business-government relations reflects the Progressive-era muckraking tradition of Lincoln Steffens and especially Upton Sinclair, whose most famous book, The Jungle, focused on the dangers of the unregulated food industry,” Zimmerman said. Like the progressives of a century ago, Nestle reminds us that the wide dispersion of scientific knowledge is the only check upon corporate malfeasance — and the only guarantor of a safe and healthy public.”