The mission of the Dance Education Program is to provide high quality professional development in the theory and practice of dance education for teachers, administrators, performing artists, and research scholars in the fields of dance and education. Our goal is to facilitate the development of your creative and critical thinking abilities, thereby increasing your knowledge and expertise in dance and dance education. Our approach emphasizes the integration of the developing mind and body in the context of cultural practices.

Founded by legendary dance educator Martha Hill in 1932, the program in Dance Education at New York University is one of the oldest and most prestigious in North America. Throughout our long history, Dance Education at NYU has been guided by a belief in movement as central to human development and education.

From this perspective, dance and education are viewed as complementary domains of knowledge. Dance represents an intelligent expression of human experience and is an important source of understanding that contributes to our cognitive, emotional and physical growth in multicultural settings. Education is the means by which we increase knowledge and develop expertise.

We offer multiple M.A. programs in Dance Education. In our graduate programs, we pursue discipline-based inquiries and scholarly research to increase knowledge and expertise in these domains and to transform the way educators understand and teach dance.

Our place in the Department of Music and Performing Arts Professions is of great advantage. Our department houses 400 adjunct and full-time faculty servicing 1,600 students majoring in arts administration, dance education, educational theatre, music business, music composition, music education, music performance, music technology, music theatre, and performing arts therapy. Our multifaceted programs share a spirit of openness and innovation, bringing together traditional and contemporary performing artists and educators in original and collaborative projects.

Our location in the dance capital of the world is of unparalleled advantage. The vibrant artistic energy of New York City provides extraordinary cultural institutions and events, and our Greenwich Village community is home to some of the most famous jazz clubs, experimental performing arts spaces, film venues, and art galleries in the world. Only our university in our city will provide you with the opportunities to interact with world-renowned dancers and educators, allowing you to develop the personal and professional relationships that will prepare you to lead the field of dance education into the 21st century.

The NYU Steinhardt Teacher Education Program is fully accredited by the Council for the Accreditation of Educator Preparation.

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Dr. Susan Koff, Director of Dance Education

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