Post-Master's Advanced Certificate in Vocal Pedagogy Curriculum

Post-Master's Advanced Certificate in Vocal Pedagogy Curriculum

A minimum of eighteen (18) credits is required for the completion of an Advanced Certificate in Vocal Pedagogy. These credits must be earned at the 2000-level. This degree requires a minimum two years of study to complete, due to pedagogy courses happening sequentially across 4 semesters.

Placement Exams
  • Music Theory and Aural Comprehension
  • Music History

Placement exams are given prior to the start of the fall semester. For each exam that you do not pass you will be assigned a review course. The credits for any undergraduate review courses you are required to take do not count toward the certificate.

Minimum Grade Requirements

Students must earn a minimum of a B in any MPAVP-GE course in order for the credits for that course to count toward the degree. Students must earn a minimum of a B in Vocal Pedagogy in order to remain in the Advanced Certificate Program.

Program of Study

You must earn seventeen (17) credits of specialization requirements.

MPAVP-GE.2111 Private Voice Instruction 3 pts.
MPAVP-GE.2171 Vocal Pedagogy I (Theory) 3 pts.
MPAVP-GE.2172 Vocal Pedagogy II (Practice) 3 pts.
MPAVP-GE.2173 Vocal Repertoire for Teaching: Classical 2 pts.
MPAVP-GE.2174 Vocal Repertoire for Teaching: Music Theatre 2 pts.
MPAVP-GE.2131 Graduate Italian Diction* 1 pt.
MPAVP-GE.2132 Graduate English Diction* 1 pt.
MPAVP-GE.2133 Graduate German Diction* 1 pt.
MPAVP-GE.2134 Graduate French Diction* 1 pt.

* Exemption exams are offered for these courses. Being exempted from these courses allows room in your schedule for more elective credits.

The remaining one (1) credit is a guided elective – by advisement.

Part-time, 4 semesters

Fall, 1st year6 Credits
MPAVP-GE 2111 Private Voice 3
MPAVP-GE 2171 Vocal Pedagogy I 3
Spring, 1st year6 Credits
MPAVP-GE 2172 Vocal Pedagogy II 3
MPAVP-GE 2133 German Diction 1
MPAVP-GE 2134 French Diction 1
Elective 1
Fall, 2nd year4 Credits
MPAVP-GE 2173 CV Repertoire for Pedagogy 2
MPAVP-GE 2131 Italian Diction 1
MPAVP-GE 2132 English Diction 1
Spring, 2nd year2 Credits
MPAVP-GE 2174 MT Repertoire for Pedagogy 2