Music Therapy Faculty: Susan Feiner

Music Therapy Faculty: Susan Feiner


Susan Feiner has been on the faculty of the NYU Music Therapy Program for over 30 years.  In addition to teaching courses (Advanced Children's Methods in Music Therapy, Internship Seminar, Advanced Fieldwork Seminar, Music Therapy Group, Theory Development in Music Therapy), she is responsible for coordinating and supervising the Internship Program and student advisement.  Ms. Feiner has completed level two training in Guided Imagery in Music, completed advanced training in the treatment of children and their parents at the Jewish Board for Family and Children’s Services, and pioneered music psychotherapy with preschool children individually and in small groups.  She was part of a group of clinicians that pioneered the use of music therapy in the treatment of trauma post 9/11.  She also serves as a consultant to facilities establishing new music therapy programs and internships.  

She has presented at numerous conferences on the treatment of children, supervision and trauma.  In 2012 she was invited by the Japanese Music Therapy Association to co-teach a two-day symposium on music therapy supervision. Ms. Feiner maintains a private practice in music therapy and supervision.

Selected publications:   

Lectures on Music Therapy Supervision. Japanese Music Therapy Association Training and Education Committee Lectures, Tokyo, Japan. November 3, 2012.

What Happens in Music Therapy Supervision? JMTA International Symposium for Music Therapy in Tokyo, Tokyo, Japan. November 4, 2012.

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Continuing Edit Course in February, Advanced Topics in Music Therapy Supervision:
Supervision is not only important in the development of professional practice for music therapists, it has the potential to be highly rewarding and inspiring for both supervisor and supervisee. This course will focus on the goals of supervision, the complicated roles of the supervisor, what supervisor and supervisee bring to supervision, phases in the supervisory relationship, and challenges common to both supervisor and supervisee.