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Undergraduate Course List

The following interactive table lists courses offered by the Undergraduate Music Technology Program. You can sort the results in the table according to row, by clicking on the corresponding header. For example, clicking the "Course" header will sort course names alphabetically. Clicking on the course name will take you to a description page for that course.

You can also listen to our podcasts describing the Music Technology program and several of the courses offered (you must have iTunes to listen).

Undergraduate Course List
Required MPATE-UE 1001 Recording Technology I Fa/Su T2
Required MPATE-UE 1003 Recording Technology II Sp/Su T2
Elective MPATE-UE 1005 Recording Practicum III Fa T3
Elective MPATE-UE 1006 Recording Practicum IV Sp T3
Elective MPATE-UE 1008 Studio Maintenance I Fa T3
Elective MPATE-UE 1009 Studio Maintenance II Sp T3
Required MPATE-UE 1010 Audio For Video I Fa/Sp/Su T1
Required MPATE-UE 1011 Concert Recording I Fa/Su T1
Required MPATE-UE 1012 Concert Recording II Su T1
Elective MPATE-UE 1014 MIDI Technology II Fa/Sp T1
Elective MPATE-UE 1019 Electronic Music Performance Fa/Sp T1
Non-Major MPATE-UE 1022 Recording Technology for Non-Majors Fa/Sp Non-Major
Required MPATE-UE 1035 Musical Acoustics Fa/Su T3
Required MPATE-UE 1037 Electronic Music Synthesis Fa/Sp/Su T1
Required MPATE-UE 1047 Computer Music Synthesis Fa/Sp T1
Elective MPATE-UE 1053 Studio Composition Proj Sp T3
Elective MPATE-UE 1225 Audio for Video II Sp/Su T2
Elective MPATE-UE 1227 Aesthetics of Recording Fa/Sp T1
Elective MPATE-UE 1633 Advanced Topics in Music Technology: Multichannel Media Installation and Performance Sp T2
Required MPATE-UE 1801 Music Tech Fundamentals Fa T1
Non-Major MPATE-UE 1810 MIDI for Non-Majors Fa/Sp Non-Major
Required MPATE-UE 1817 Electronics Technology I Fa/Sp T1
Required MPATE-UE 1827 Electronics Technology I - LAB Fa/Sp T1
Required MPATE-UE 1818 Electronics Technology II Fa/Sp T2
Required MPATE-UE 1828 Electronics Technology II - LAB Fa/Sp T2
Required MPATE-UE 1820 Music Technology Internship Fa/Sp/Su T3

* T1 = No requirements | T2 = 1 Year in Program | T3 = 2 Years in Program