How to Audition for BM in Music Technology

How to Audition for BM in Music Technology

All prospective and transfer students must apply for admission to NYU Steinhardt before submitting an online audition package. Apply for undergraduate study.

Submit Your Audition Package

The audition provides you with the opportunity to demonstrate your musical skills and talent. Although it is not necessary for you to be an advanced performer to enter the Music Technology Program, a basic level of musicianship is required.
Once you have submitted the application to NYU, and received your application ID number, you may submit your audition online through GetAcceptd. Use the best quality video and audio recording devices possible. The performance should be recorded as if you are at a "live" audition.

  • Start recording and state your full name, the date, the program and degree you are applying for (Music Technology), and your NYU "N" number, if applicable (received from Admissions after you apply).
  • Sing an a capella major scale.
  • Perform two pieces in contrasting genres.
  • At the conclusion of the performance portion of the audition, please announce "I have reached the end of my audition" and restate your name. Turn off the recording device.
  • Please title the video using the following rules:
    NYU [Program Name] Audition: your name, date
    Example: NYU Music Technology Audition: Jane Smith, 1/1/2018
Next, upload the following: résumé (as .pdf), audition video, and supporting materials (optional) via GetAcceptd. Optional supporting materials are strongly encouraged, and may include examples of music the applicant has recorded, composed, and/or performed; a personal website; examples of science-related materials (e.g. programming, electronics); or anything that highlights your skills in music, music technology, or science.
If additional information is needed, a faculty member from the Music Technology program will arrange a phone interview with you.

Audition Package Dates

November 1: Fall early decision I and Spring transfer applicants
January 1: Fall early decision II and Fall regular decision
March 1: Internal Fall transfer applicants
April 1: External Fall transfer applicants