3-Summer Master of Music in Music Technology

3-Summer Master of Music in Music Technology

Our new 3-summer sequence allows you to complete our 45-credit master of music degree in Music Technology during the summer terms.

This sequence is perfect for teachers, educators, and professionals who want to pursue an advanced degree in music technology and can devote their summers to immersive experiences and intensive study.

Same High Quality Curriculum, Different Format
The curriculum and degree requirements are identical for the three-summer option and for the regular academic year program. We ensure that our summer elective offerings are rich and varied so that you and all our music technology students have a good selection of courses and experiences to choose from each summer. You also have the option to take courses during the academic year, if you like.

Outstanding Faculty
The summer offers a special opportunity to work intensively with faculty in and outside the classroom.  Summer faculty include:

Scholarships and Financial Aid
You may be eligible for competitive scholarships as well as federal financial aid. Please note that loan deferment ends after 6 months of non-enrollment, and if you choose the three-summer option you may need to make loan payments between terms. Learn more about loan repayment, deferment, and forbearance.

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Sample Sequence of Study
All the required courses listed below are 6-week courses and are offered during both Summer Session I and Summer Session II each summer. We also offer many 3-week and 6-week Music Technology elective courses every summer. Check NYU’s Academic Calendar for Summer Session dates.

Summer 1 (16 Credits)
MPATE-GE 2047 Advanced Computer Music Composition 3
MAPTE-GE 2599 Digital Signal Theory 3
MAPTE-GE 2598 Digital Signal Theory Lab 1
MAPTE-GE 2600 Digital Audio Processing I 3
  Choose 1 Cognate Elective (a course outside your academic program) 3
  Choose 1 Music Tech Elective 3
Summer 2 (15 Credits)
MAPTE-GE 2036 Acoustics 3
MAPTE-GE 2601 Digital Audio Processing II 3
MAPTE-GE 2616 Colloquy 3
  Choose 2 Music Technology Electives 6
Summer 3 (14 Credits)
  Choose 4 Music Technology Electives 12
  Ensemble 2
Summer 3, Fall 3 or later
  Thesis Defense  

You can find detailed course information in our 
Courses section.