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Graduate Course List:

The following interactive table lists courses offered by the Music Technology Program. You can sort the results in the table according to row, by clicking on the corresponding header. For example, clicking the "Course" header will sort course names alphabetically. Clicking on the course name will take you to a description page for that course.

You can also listen to our podcasts describing the Music Technology program and several of the courses offered (you must have iTunes to listen).   

Graduate Course List
Elective MPATE-GE 2013 Audio Mastering Fa/Sp/Su T2
Elective MPAIA-GE 2031 Collaborative Projects Fa T1
Elective MPATE-GE 2034 Composer’s Forum TBD T1
Required MPATE-GE 2036 Adv Musical Acoustics Sp T1
Elective MPATE-GE 2037 Software Synthesis Fa T1
Elective MPATE-GE 2038 §1

Creating with Interactive Media: Kyma Music Systems

Fa T1
Elective MPATE-GE 2038 §2 Creating with Interactive Media: Buchla to Ableton Fa T1
Required MPATE-GE 2047 Adv Computer Music Composition Fa/Su T1
Elective MPATE-GE 2048 Scoring for Film and Multimedia Fa/Sp/Su T1
Required MPATE-GE 2598 Fund. of Digital Signal Theory Lab Fa/Sp T1
Required MPATE-GE 2599 Fund. of Digital Signal Theory Fa/Sp T1 
Required MPATE-GE 2600 Graduate Seminar Fa T1
Required MPATE-GE 2601 Colloquy Sp T2
Required MPATE-GE 2602 Thesis 1 Fa/Sp/Su  T3
Required MPATE-GE 2603 Thesis 2 Fa/Sp/Su  T4
Elective MPATE-GE 2604 Audio for Games and Immersive Env. Sp T2
Elective MPATE-GE 2605 Music Technology Internship Fa/Sp/Su T2
Elective MPATE-GE 2607 Adv Digital Signal Theory Sp T2
Elective MPATE-GE 2608 Java Music Systems Fa T1
Elective MPATE-GE 2609 Electronic Music Performance Fa/Sp T1
Elective MPATE-GE 2610 Adv Programming - Max/MSP/Jitter Sp T2
Elective MPATE-GE 2611 Concert Recording I Fa/Su T1
Elective MPATE-GE 2612 Concert Recording II Sp/Su T1
Elective MPATE-GE 2613 3D Audio Sp T2
Elective MPATE-GE 2614 MIDI Technology II/MAX Programming I Fa/Sp T1
Elective MPATE-GE 2615 Electronics By Computer Simulation Fa T1
Elective MPATE-GE 2618 C Programming for Music Technology Fa T1
Elective MPATE-GE 2621 Audio for Video II Sp/Su T1
Elective MPATE-GE 2623 Music Information Retrieval Fa T2
Elective MPATE-GE 2627 Aesthetics of Recording Fa/Sp T1
Elective MPATE-GE 2628 Audio for the Web Fa T2
Elective MPATE-GE 2629 Adv Audio Production Fa/Sp T2
Elective MPATE-GE 2631 ATAE: The Art of Sound Reinforcement Fa T1
Elective MPATE-GE 2633 Advanced Topics in Music Technology: Multichannel Media Installation Performance Sp T2
Elective MPATE-GE 2636 Advanced Topics in Audio Engineering: History and Preservation of  Early Sound Recordings Fa T1
Elective MPATE-GE 2640 Issues and Strategies in Creating and Performing Electronic Music Sp T2
Elective MPATE-GE 2650 Ear Training for Audio Engineers Fa/Sp T1

* T1 = No requirements | T2 = 1 Semester in Program | T3 = 2 Semester in Program