Apply to Sandbox Percussion Seminar

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Apply to Sandbox Percussion Seminar

Applying to this non-credit program consists of two steps:

Step 1: Submitting Your Online Application

You must first complete our online admissions application in order to submit your audition materials.

What to expect when completing the online application

Step 2: Uploading Your Audition Submission & Supplemental Material

After you submit your application successfully, you will be sent an email link to the website GetAcceptd where you can upload your audition material and pay the $55 application fee.

Audition Requirements

Submit TWO contrasting recordings (either audio or video), which best represent your playing - if possible, we encourage you to submit one solo recording and one chamber recording, though this is not required.

  • Please note that although audition materials may not be required to participate in the NYU Sandbox Percussion Seminar, all students must complete the application entirely.

Your submitted recordings are not for "audition" purposes, but rather for placement. NYU Sandbox Percussion Seminar participants will be sent chamber music to prepare for rehearsals with artist faculty and performance in an iconic NYU contemporary music venue. Chamber group assignments will be made based on your placement recording, experience level, and previously performed repertoire. Pre-existing percussion groups are welcome to apply and attend the Seminar together - please make a note on your application if you are applying as a group.

  • Acceptance to the NYU Sandbox Percussion Seminar is on a rolling admissions basis and limited to 25 participants. We encourage you to apply early to guarantee your spot in the Seminar. As soon as your application is completed, you will receive your acceptance notification. Once the seminar is filled to capacity, it will be closed for further applications.

Please note: You must have your application number available in order to successfully begin the audition submission step (provided when completing the online application - step 1).

What to expect when completing the online application

International Students: See special instructions for International Applicants.

Current NYU students: See the special application procedure listed under Information for Current NYU StudentsDo not follow these above steps.