Apply to NYU Summer Study in Music Theatre

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Apply to NYU Summer Study in Music Theatre

Applying to this non-credit program consists of two steps:

Step 1: Submitting Your Online Application

You must first complete our online admissions application in order to submit your audition materials.

What to expect when completing the online application

Step 2: Uploading Your Audition Submission & Supplemental Material

After you submit your application successfully, you will be sent an email link to the website GetAcceptd where you can upload your audition material and pay the $55 application fee.

Audition Requirements

Submit three video clips consisting of the following material:

  • Introduction: Please say your name clearly, the date, the city you are from, and the pieces that you are going to perform.
  • Two songs: Your two selections should be complete and contrasting songs – each no longer than four minutes.  Choose material from music theatre repertoire – but please avoid rock, pop, country, and jazz.  Piano must accompany you (no a capella singing).

In addition to the above videos, please submit the following:

  • Resume: Your resume should reflect your theatre performance experience. Think “theatre resume” rather than “academic resume” for this.
  • Headshot or recent photograph: Again we are not looking for a professional quality photograph.  If you have a headshot, that is fine.  If not, a recent snapshot will suffice.

Rather than a single long video, we would like three separate clips: the introduction, the first song, and the second song.  It’s easier for us to review and easier for you to shoot.  We will not be influenced by the professional quality of the video.  Please do not worry about any elaborate lighting or studio conditions.

Please make sure your voice can be heard above the accompaniment – try different distances from the sound source until you find the right “balance” between piano and voice.

After uploading the pre-screening submission, you will immediately be notified that we have received your materials.  After those materials have been reviewed you will be contacted with more information.

Please note: You must have your application number available in order to successfully begin the audition submission step (provided when completing the online application - step 1).

What to expect when completing the online application

International Students: See special instructions for International Applicants.

Current NYU students: See the special application procedure listed under Information for Current NYU StudentsDo not follow these above steps.