Summer Institute for Woodwind Studies: Saxophone Institute

Summer Programs

Summer Institute for Woodwind Studies: Saxophone Institute

 Students participating the Summer Institute for Woodwind Studies with a Saxophone concentration will be provided instrument specific daily activities such as:

  • Saxophone Masterclasses with NYU Saxophone Faculty and Guest Artists from the Masterclass series for all Institute participants
    • An opportunity for participants to perform in a class setting and master class for selected students
  • Saxophone Orchestra
    • A daily rehearsal of the Saxophone Orchestra, a conducted group comprising sopranino through contrabass saxophone. The Orchestra will perform at the end of the Institute.
  • Instrument Demonstrations
    • From Dr. Cohen's collection of over 200 saxophones including opportunities for students to HEAR and PLAY: sopranino, conn-o-sax, bass saxophones, tubax, contrabass saxophone
  • Saxophone History & Repertoire Class
    • A daily class exploring the history of the saophone including its development, repertoire and influential performers from the 19th through 21st century
  • Private Lessons
    • Available with any of the saxophone faculty
    • Coaching for regional and college auditions
  • Quartets and Mixed Chamber Music 
    • Creation of saxophone quartets as well as mixed chamber works in conjunction with the woodwind institute
  • Working with Staff Accompanists 


The program will conclude with a participant concert in the historic Loewe Theater on July 23, 2016 highlighting all of the Summer Institute participants featuring soloist, quartets, mixed chamber ensembles and the saxophone orchestra.

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