Information for Summer Students and Parents

Summer Programs

Information for Summer Students and Parents

Welcome to MPAP Summer Programs!

NYU offers one of the largest summer programs in the country, and we are dedicated to making sure your time here is both educational and enjoyable. On this webpage, you will find information about preparing for your session, registering for Housing & Meal Plans, and Paying your Bill.

MPAP Summer Programs offer a number of music and performing arts programs that are for students who would like to experience NYU in a pre-college setting. We offer a true pre-college experience and it is important for parents to be as prepared as their children. If your child will be attending an NYU Summer Program this year please become familiar with the provided information below. We look forward to seeing you around campus!

The 2017 MPAP Summer Application is very similar to an undergraduate admissions application to NYU, and will ask for the applicant's contact and current school information. It is imperative that the applicant's cell phone and email address are provided, not the parents. There will be a separate time when parent contact information will be collected (required student forms).

Once the Step-1: Application and Step-2: Audition Requirements have been submitted, it will be a matter of weeks, maybe months until an admissions decision has been reached. At the latest, final decisions will be made two weeks after the Final Application Deadline. The University will send decisions via e-mail to the email address entered in the application. It is preferable that decisions are sent to the applicants themselves, so again, please enter the applicant's e-mail address in the application and not the parents/guardians email information.

Upon acceptance into an MPAP Summer Program...

If accepted into a summer program, students will be prompted to follow steps needed to complete their enrollment. These steps are listed on the Information for Summer Students page.

The main resource for all admitted summer students is the: MPAP Summer Programs Student Portal

    • Students can find: Required Forms, Summer Programs Handbook, Program Events Calendar, etc.

Now that you are an MPAP Summer Programs student, there are a few remaining steps that you must complete in order to register for classes and prepare for your summer program.

Activate your Net ID
Go to and follow the instructions. Your NetID is your login and username for your NYU e-mail account.

Log in to NYUHome
Go to and enter your NetID and password. Visit the various tabs to familiarize yourself with the layout and information available. Confirm that you have access to your e-mail account.

Log in to Albert
Albert (NYU’s student information system) displays your schedule, classroom location, and final grades. From the NYUHome Welcome screen, click on the tab labeled "Academics." On the upper left side of the Academics page, click the box labeled "Albert Login." You will now be at the Albert Welcome screen.

Accept/Decline Your Admissions Offer
Once logged into Albert, select "Applicants" and then "Application Status" to Accept or Decline your admissions offer.

Upload Photo for NYU ID Card
Go to and follow the instructions to upload a photo for your NYU ID card. Once you arrive on campus you can pick up your ID card from the NYU Card Center.

Please visit the MPAP Summer Student Portal and the MPAP Blog Site to keep up to date with information about your summer program. You will also be sent this link from once you've accepted our admissions offer.

On these sites, you can:

  • Learn more about registering for Housing & Meal Plans, Paying your Bill, and getting your NYU Card on the Pre-Arrival page
  • Download and complete the Required Student Forms
  • Read through the Summer Programs Handbook
  • See your program page to view the Program Calendar for important dates and deadlines

Before arriving on NYU's campus, please be sure that your son or daughter has proof of identification (i.e. State Driver's License, State Photo ID, School ID, or Passport). They will need it to obtain an NYU ID Card for meal plans, building access, etc. In addition to having identification, be sure that they have extra money for personal expenses and emergencies.

Helpful Tip: When arriving at an NYC airport and looking for a taxi, make sure to look for an official taxi stand outside your terminal where you will be given the next available NYC yellow cab. Official drivers do not stand inside the terminal nor ask if you need a cab. The taxi stand dispatcher will help you get a taxi. All NYC taxis now have a debit card swipe machine with tip options. Another option is to contact a car service in advance to make a reservation.

Student Orientation

As these programs are meant to serve as a pre-college experience. We strive to give all high school students the same sense of freedom as a current NYU student.

While it is encouraged that students always stay together (during or between class sessions) Students are not escorted to and from class and are given time for lunch and dinner on their own.

There are, of course, some strictly enforced rules and regulations that minors must abide by, such as being present for morning and evening curfew if they are staying in NYU Housing. This information will be made available in the MPAP Summer Programs Handbook sent to all students upon acceptance into a program. With this level of supervision, students should be aware of the many health and safety resources available to them at NYU.

All of the important information above will be explained in detail during the program's mandatory orientation (parents and guardians are invited and encouraged to attend orientation).

The federal Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act of 1974 (FERPA) establishes standards concerning the privacy of student education records and the rights of students to inspect and review their education records. As enrolled students in a post-secondary institution, MPAP Summer Programs students are entitled to the protection afforded to them under FERPA, and the right of access to educational records belongs to the student no matter the legal age or status as a minor. Students may elect to sign a Consent to Disclosure of Student Information form (made available online for accepted students) to permit the release of information to their parents or guardians about the student while in MPAP Summer Programs. Please be advised, however, that FERPA allows MPAP Summer Programs administration to notify the parents or guardians of a student when there is a significant threat to a student’s health and safety or if a student has violated a University or MPAP Summer Programs rule or policy or public law concerning alcohol or another controlled substance. The decision to notify parents or guardians in such situations will be made according to the professional judgment of appropriate staff and does not require prior consent of the student. Students may or may not be consulted in the notification process.

Have Questions?

Please contact MPAP Summer Programs for more information:
Phone: 212 998 5438