Housing and Meal Plans

Summer Programs

Housing and Meal Plans

MPAP Summer Programs students have the option to stay in on-campus during their program. A modern, air-conditioned residence hall just steps away from NYU's main campus and bustling Union Square. If you are interested in attending NYU for undergraduate or graduate study, staying on campus during a summer program is a great way to experience life as an NYU student.

MPAP Summer Programs Housing FAQ's:

When and how can one apply for on-campus housing?
If admitted into a program, you will receive information on how to register for NYU housing via email (only if you indicated a housing need in the NYU Application). You are not automatically registered for housing. 

What is the minimum age allowed for summer students to stay in NYU on-campus housing?
Visiting NYU Summer Students must be at least 15 years or older in order to be consider for NYU on-campus housing. 

Housing Application Structure and Pricing Breakdown

If you require staying in NYU housing, you must indicate this within Step-1 of the 2017 MPAP Summer Programs Application.

Completing the 2nd-Step of the MPAP Summer Programs Application by the deadline will guarantee you a spot in NYU Summer Housing. If admitted, only then is the Separate NYU Housing Application emailed to you (after to accept your spot into the program online).

  • YOU SHOULD NOT DIRECTLY APPLY FOR HOUSING VIA THEIR WEBSITE. As an applicant to a MPAP Summer Program you will be emailed the student group housing application if admitted into your program. However, please familiarize yourself with the NYU Summer Housing Information via their website found HERE

Housing Application Structure:

An MPAP Summer Workshop is considered "long-term group housing". Long-term housing applies to programs lasting a week or longer, while short-term housing applies to conferences shorter than a week.

Though long-term rooms are reserved by the week from Sunday to Saturday, not all programs begin on a Monday. The course start date may come a few days after the official move-in date, however the cost does not change. You are not obligated to use the space during that time, but are you welcome to check into the dorm on the official move-in day. Due to the high volume of visiting students in NYU housing during the summer, only shared rooms are available.

Pricing Breakdown:

Total Housing/Meal Plan Costs: $410 per week

Long-term group students pay $244 per week (Sunday move-in to Saturday move-out) for a shared space.

Residential students are required to purchase the $166 per week meal plan which includes 10 meals and 30 Dining Dollars.

Weinstein Hall


The majority of MPAP students are housed in student Traditional dormitory rooms within Weinstein Hall, (located at 5 University Place, right near Washington Square Park and the main NYU campus in Greenwich Village).

Weinstein Hall features include:

  • The building is an air-conditioned residence hall 
  • Conveniently located within walking distance to the Washington Square Campus area
  • Only a few blocks from Union Square, which offers numerous transportation options as well as restuarants and shopping
  • Shared occupancy bedrooms for two occupants in suites with up to two bedrooms (up to four residents in each suite)
  • Each suite has a bathroom shared by all occupants of the suite
  • Wireless internet service is available in all dorm rooms and public areas
  • There are three student lounges with televisions, vending machine, computers, etc. 
  • Dining hall facilities on the lower levels of the building. 


Personnel from the NYU Department of Public Safety monitor access at each residence hall. All participants will be required to provide proper identification upon entering the residence hall. Participants are not permitted to have overnight guests.


Upon their arrival, guests will check-in at the residence hall resource center. Here they will receive their room key, a temporary identification card allowing them access to the residence hall.

There is a laundry room in the building that students may use if they would like to wash their linen during their stay. Please note that all NYU laundry facilities only accept NYU Campus Cash as a form of payment.

Residents must provide their own toiletries. These items can be purchased at local drug stores which can be found within two blocks of the building.  Rooms are cleaned prior to occupancy and after departure, however, no cleaning service is provided during the guests' occupancy of the bedroom and/or suite.

Weinstein Hall is a traditional hall without kitchens and therefore a meal plan is required for Long-Term Group Housing students (see above). Also, there are NYU Dining Halls located as little as two blocks from the hall.