2017 Historic Brass Symposium

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2017 Historic Brass Symposium

The Historic Brass Society presents
The Third International Historic Brass Symposium at New York University, The Metropolitan Museum of Art, and St. Luke’s in the Field Church
Dates: July 13 - July 16, 2017

Application Deadline:

May 22, 2017

Costs & Fees:

$75 (Registration - Historic Brass Society Member) 
$110 (Registration - Non-Historic Brass Society Member)
$62 (on-campus housing - shared room/per night)
$92 (on-campus housing - single room/per night)

Symposium Coordinators
Gregory Erickson, Jeff Nussbaum, Bradley Strauchen-Scherer

Program Committee
Stew Carter, Trevor Herbert, Keith Polk, Jeff Nussbaum, Bradley Strauchen-Scherer

Tentative scholars and performers will include:
Jeroen Billiet, Murray Campbell, Xavier Canin, Stew Carter, Michael Collver, Alan Dean, Bruce Dickey, Ralph Dudgeon, John Foster, Trevor Herbert, Peter Holmes, Friedemann Immer, RJ Kelley, Sabine Klaus, Elisa Koehler James Kopp, Jaron Lanier, Renato Meucci, John Miller, Dan Morgenstern, Arnold Myers, Keith Polk, Mark Ponzo, Scott Robinson, Raquel Rodriquez, Jamie Savan, Anneke Scott, Rick Seraphinoff, Benny Sluchin, Don Smithers, Bradley Strauchen, John Wallace, Howard Weiner, Patrick Wibart, Douglas Yeo, plus many more

  • Lectures, Concerts, Round-Table Sessions
  • World Premiere Duet for Serpent and Ophicleide By Jaron Lanier with Doug Yeo; Serpent and Scott Robinson; ophicleide
  • Round-Table “Entering the Sound World of James Reese Europe and the Harlem Hell Fighters”
  • Period Instrument Concert of the Repertoire of the Harlem Hell Fighters: John Wallace, Music Director
  • A Conversation with Jazz Critic, Dan Morgenstern with Trevor Herbert
  • Display of reproductions of Ancient Egyptian, Greek, Roman and Celtic brass instruments commissioned by EMAP
  • Instrument Makers Exhibition

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