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MPAP Summer Programs students are responsible for all costs which may include tuition and fees. All bills are sent electronically to the student's NYU e-mail address which is created at the time of registration - see Information for Summer Students to learn more. Tuition and Housing bills are posted separately and may be assigned at different times. 

Program Costs and How to Pay

Tuition and Fees

Program tuition's (or course fee's) and the application fee are listed on each individual program page; these are separate charges that are to be paid at different times. The non-refundable $55 application fee is paid at the end of Step-2 of the MPAP Summer Programs Application (within the GetAcceptd website directly), while the course fee (tuition) is to be paid only after an admitted student is enrolled. Course fee must be paid before the start of the workshop.

Programming Fee

Many high school aged programs require a separate programming fee that provides extracurricular events and activities that are sponsored and chaperoned by the Residential Halls Program Assistance (the summer "RA's"). These events happen outside of the class room, and often off of campus. View a complete list of programs.

How to Pay Course Fee

Course Fee's (tuition) is payable via the student's online NYU E-Suite account once they are registered in a program and must be paid in full by the date listed on the electronic bill.  

Please see the Bursars Instructions on how to pay for more detailed payment directions. 

Housing Bill

MPAP Summer Programs students have the option to live on campus. Fee's associated with housing and meal plans are not included in the tuition. This housing/meal plan charge is also payable via the student's E-Suite account in the same way one pays tuition and must be paid in full by the date listed on the issued bill. 

Please note: The housing bill is separate and may not be posted at the same time as the course fee (tuition) has been posted and paid.

*Refunds are available on a case by case basis and requests should be made directly to:


Performance-Based Scholarships

Most summer students are considered for performance-based scholarships, if their program of interest offers scholarship awards. The Program Director will contact students directly if they would like to offer this type of scholarship. Fee's and scholarships are applied to the students E-Suite account directly at different times and are viewable within 24 to 48 hours after they are posted.

Need-Based Scholarships

In addition to performance-based scholarships, need-based scholarships are also available. Please follow these steps if you are in need of this type of scholarship:

  1. Log into NYU Home
  2. Log into NYU Albert
  3. Be sure to be on the Applicants tab (at the top)
  4. Under Visiting Students section, click on HS Programs Scholarship Form
  5. Complete the form

Screen-Shot of Scholarship Application Steps 

Please note: Performance-based and need-based scholarships are not offered in conjunction with the following MPAP Summer Programs:

    • Classical Voice Intensive
    • Summer Study in Music Theatre
    • Broadway Percussion Seminar 
    • NYU Sandbox Percussion Seminar
    • Summer Piano Intensive
    • Summer Dance Intensive
    • Summer Electronic Music Institute 
    • Summer Institute of Music Production Technology 

Third Party Payment

New York University will extend credit to students who present written authorization from a third party/sponsoring company (parents and relatives are not considered Third Parties) for payment of tuition and/or fees on their organization or corporate letterhead. The extension of credit by the University for an anticipated third party payment does not relieve a student from any financial responsibilities to New York University. If payment is not received from the third party, a student will be held liable for all charges and any interest that may have accrued on their account. For more information, please see the Office of the Bursar's Third Party Payment webpage.

Personal Expenses 

A great benefit of the MPAP Summer Programs is the chance for students to experience life in New York City and Greenwich Village. The cost of living in the city is high and students should budget for enough money to last the entire time they will be participating in the workshop. Discuss expenses with your family and decide upon a budget prior to arriving in New York City. For more information, feel free to browse the official New York City Guide.