Incoming Freshmen Recommended Materials

Incoming Freshmen Recommended Materials

Below you will find a recommended list of sticks/mallets and music. We suggest that you begin procuring these items now, as they will be an important component of your studies at NYU.

Keyboard Books/Repertoire: 

  1. Image 20 Children Songs, Bart Quartier (Beginner Etudes)
  2. Instruction Course for Xylophone (50 lessons), George Hamilton Green
  3. Intermediate Masterworks for Marimba Vol. 1 and 2, Nancy Zeltsman
  4. Method of Movement, Leigh Howard Stevens
  5. Frogs, Keiko Abe
  6. Etudes in C major (op. 6, #10) and B major (op. 6, #9), C.O. Musser
  7. Etudes Book 1, Gordon Stout

Timpani/Snare Drum Books:

  1. Goodman Timpani Method
  2. Goldenberg Snare drum Method Book
  3. Cirone Snare Drum Etudes
  4. Pratt Marching Solos
  5. Delecluse Snare Drum Solos
  6. Hochrainer Books 1, 2, 3 for Timpani
  7. Delecluse Timpani Solos
  8. Carter Timpani Solos
  9. Bach Sonatas and Partitas for Solo Violin (Gallamian Edition)
  10. David Friedman Vibraphone Dampening and Pedaling Book
  11. John Bergamo Style Studies
  12. Mike Udow Multiple Percussion Studies
  13. Kreutzer Violin Etudes
  14. Arban Trumpet book

Timpani Mallets:
PROMARK Jonathan Haas series (Solid wood)
Clevelander Series (Bamboo)

Snare Drum Sticks:
PROMARK Tom Feer models - General purpose with round bead

Drum Set Sticks:
Drum set sticks of your choice 
Retractable wire brushes from Regal Tip or Vic Firth

Marimba/Vibe Mallets:
Vic Firth Robert Van Sice 114, 115 (2 pairs of each)
Vic Firth Ney Rosauro M222 (Green), M223 (Blue) (2 pairs of each)
Vic Firth Ensemble Series Rubber Mallets M153 (2 pairs)
Vic Firth Gary Burton M25 (2 pairs)
Orchestral Mallets (Xylophone/Bells):
Full line of Vic Firth Orchestral Mallets M130 - M146 (1 pair of each)

Auxiliary Instruments:
Grover Tambourine: Double Row Jingles
Studio 54 Triangles: 8" and 12"
Stossel Triangle Beaters