PhD in Music Performance

PhD in Music Performance

You will create a highly personalized program of study tailored to your specific interests and goals. Combining intensive performance with related academic study, this doctoral program prepares accomplished musicians for careers in professional music performance and music research. You will study closely with our renowned faculty and develop areas of specialization for your careers onstage and in the academy.

What You'll Learn

This degree program has a minimum of 49 points required for graduation. General areas of study are designated with specific recommendations made in consultation with doctoral advisers. These involve coursework in neighboring fields, allowing students to broaden their perspectives and understand their own music-making activities in relation to a variety of cultural contexts and intellectual traditions.

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Note: The points listed for represents the minimum points for the degree. Additional points may be required as the result of Placement and Candidacy Exams.

Doctoral Curriculum & Requirements



6 points
Specialized Research Methodology 3 points
(course related to but not in specialization)
A cognate is defined as a course outside of the student's specialization or a course that combines music with another academic discipline.
6 points
Departmental Content Seminar (Chamber Music) 3 points
Dissertation Proposal Seminar 3 points
Research courses by advisement should be related to the student's proposed topic or area of research interest. These courses should be carefully selected to ensure that the student has the appropriate skills and expertise to conduct research and analysis necessary to write the dissertation.
15 points
Two Recitals (Seminar in Music) 4 points
Applied Study (private lessons) 6-12 points
Guided Electives 3 points
Minimum Points 49-55 points  

Courses and plan of study should be discussed with the students' adviser.

How You'll Learn

As a Music Performance graduate student, you will:

  • Study applied performance with world-renowned faculty
  • Explore your area of specialization in relation to other disciplines, such as psychology, performance studies, historical musicology, ethnomusicology, media, culture, and communication, arts education and technology, and the social sciences
  • Develop musical, technical and professional skills through immersion in the profession, working closely with major figures in your area of specialization

As a student in the Department of Music and Performing Arts Professions, you will gain expertise as not only a top-caliber performer, but a scholar, educator, and entrepreneur.

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